Requirements for Athletic Participation


1. Athlete's Health Record revised 2023

Page 1 - Emergency Contact Information

Page 2 - Informed Consent & Assumption of Risk

Page 3 - COVID-19 Informed Consent & Risk Acknowledgment Statement

2. Physician Signature (providing clearance, may be located on p.1 of the Athlete Health Record) - Physicals must be dated April 15th or later.

3. Signed Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet revised 2023

4. Signed & Initialed Concussion Information Sheet

Need to confirm that you have all the required documents? Use this tracking sheet to check off that each participating athlete has all components of the Athletic Health Record- Athlete Health Record Tracking Sheet


1. Current CPR/First Aid Certification (must be from an in-person, hands-on course). MSCS offers free classes which can be found in the PLZ. Please contact the MSCIAA office for other course instructor recommendations.

2. Course Certificate - NFHS Coaches Training Free Course: Concussions in Sports (yearly)

3. Course Certificate - NFHS Coaches Training Free Course: Sudden Cardiac Arrest (yearly)

4. Course Certificate Heat Illness Prevention (yearly)

5. Signed Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet (for Coaches) (yearly)

6. Signed Concussion Information & Signature Form (for Coaches) (yearly)

7. Mandatory Emergency Action Plan-created, reviewed and practiced with essential personnel (done yearly)

8. Allergy/Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan Instruction Video, Policy and ResourcesTraining Video (yearly as long as you have a student in this category)

9. MSCIAA Required PD course 2023-24 Bullying, Hazing and Inappropriate Behaviors (new course added each year)

10. Course Certificate-NFHS Coaches Training Free Course: COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators (once)

11. MSCS COVID-19 Safe Schools Training: MSCS COVID-19 Training (once)

Click Here for: Coaches Required Information Sheets #5 and #6

Athletic Event Requirements 

Preparing for Athletic Events

Emergency Action Plan Resources can be found on the Quick Links Tab (top left)

Additional Information

I. Seasonal School Visits - AD must have Athletic Health Record Binder complete and organized before the school visit by the above Certified Athletic Trainers. School is subject to a fine if it is not in compliance.

  • Fall --the week following the due date of the fall insurance payment
  • Winter --the week following the due date of the winter insurance payment
  • Spring --the week following the due date of the spring insurance payment

II.  Insurance Payments Due Dates

  • Fall Installment see Calendar
  • Winter Installment see Calendar
  • Spring Installment see Calendar

III. Secondary Insurance Information

IV. Sports Physicals - Physicals must be dated after April 15th to be valid for the new school year

V. Athletic Director/Coaches Information

If you have questions or concerns about how to care for an athlete with a health condition please contact Coordinated School Health at (901) 416-6700. Their Health Services Department is available to assist you.

VI. Athletic Director/Coaches Training

VII. Athletic Risk Management


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