• Should be submitted before the start of the season


All coaches should be familiar with the TSSAA and USTA rules and regulations for Tennis.  Please read all of the Tennis information on the links below. 


  • MSCIAA Preseason Meeting: December 6
  • TSSAA Official First Date of Practice: February 12
  • TSSAA Rules Meeting: Online starting in February 
  • TSSAA Date of First Contest: March 4 
  • MSCS Spring Break: March 11-15
  • MSCIAA Championship: April 22  (23-rain date) 
  • TSSAA Districts Must be Completed by: May 8 
  • TSSAA Team Finals Must be Completed by: (Girls) May 9 & (Boys) May 10 
  • TSSAA Regional Singles and Doubles: May 13-14 
  • TSSAA Sectional Team must be Completed by: (Girls) May 16 &  (Boys) May 17 
  • TSSAA State Tournament: May 21-May 24 



  • Scores must be submitted after each match from both teams using the Score Sheet. Scheduled matches without score sheets will be considered forfeits/not played.


  • Each player must have a completed and signed physical, concussion information form and sudden cardiac arrest form, evidence of which must be on file at each school before the student-athlete can participate in practice, try-outs or a competitive contest. Additionally, an assumption of Risk, emergency contact information and informed consent forms must also accompany the physical. The Athlete Health Record includes those 3 requirements on 1 form. 

  • All student-athletes must be listed on the TSSAA eligibility form. The last day to submit Eligibility forms is the First TSSAA Official Day of Contest. 

  • All teams must have a basic first aid kit, injury ice & bags, water, and a copy of each student-athlete’s emergency contact info accompany them to all competitions and practices.  All coaches must be CPR & First Aid certified. 

  • Contact the school Athletic Director for secondary insurance information. 



  • Monitor student-athletes conduct and academic progress. 

  • Provide instruction and supervision at all practices and matches. 

  • Complete annual education training and forms required by MSCIAA.  

  • Conduct a parent meeting (at the beginning of the season) in which parents and players will be given information to go over the schedule information, eligibility requirements, transportation issues, concussion information, sudden cardiac arrest, etc. 

  • Keep school staff informed of any dates where players will be absent from school for tournaments or dismissed early for matches. 

  • Keep a record of all match scores throughout the season. 

  • Provide 5 new cans of tennis balls at every match. 

  • Display proper conduct and professionalism and demand that from your athletes as well. 

  • Home Team Coach will report the results of the match by logging into


If you have any questions please contact:  

Kai Washington, MSCIAA ;



All matches will be played at the designated tennis centers at 4:00 P.M. unless otherwise indicated, and must be completed by dusk. 

Coaches should call the Tennis Coordinator to reserve courts at the center you wish to use for practices, matches and tournaments. 







1310 S. Bellevue Blvd. 38106 




2907 N. Watkins St. 38127 




4145 Southern Ave. 38117 




3680 Powers Rd. 38128 




1500 Finley Rd. 38116 




1645 Ridgeway Rd. 38118 




3391 Castleman 38118 


Germantown-C.O. Franklin Park 7725 Poplar Pike, 38138 


Park Services Tennis Center Rules and Regulations 

1.  Outdoor courts open at 2:30 p.m. and play must finish by dusk. Call the tennis center where you will be playing in the event of inclement weather by 1:30 p.m.. 

2.  Call in advance to reserve courts for practice.  Coaches must be present with athletes to practice.  Two courts will be reserved for practices.  However, more courts may be used if available. 

3.  Cancellation Policy:  If a match is canceled or rescheduled the home team has the responsibility to notify MSCIAA. 

4.  All athletes need to sign in each time at the tennis center. 

5.  Proper tennis attire is required.  Shirts must be worn at all times.   Only non-marking tennis shoes will be allowed on the courts. 

6.  Profane language, abusive behavior, obscene gestures and unsportsmanlike conduct are prohibited.  Excessive noise will not be tolerated. 

7.  Teams may borrow tennis equipment from the tennis center if available. Please make sure that before leaving the courts that the courts are free of trash and debris, all balls are picked up, including balls hit over the fence, and all equipment is returned promptly. 

8.  Please be courteous at all times using proper tennis etiquette.  Wait until the group on the court’s time is up before taking your court. 

9.  No food on the courts.  You may take water and sports drinks to the courts. 

10. MSCIAA matches and practices will not be charged. 

11. Tennis Memphis  Office: 374-0603     Fax: 374-0627 



Tennis Balls 

Each school is responsible for providing five NEW, UNOPENED cans of tennis balls (tournament quality tennis balls such as Wilson, Penn, Dunlop) at each match.  One team will provide tennis balls for the boys’ matches, and the opposing team will provide balls for the girls’ matches. 


The athletes should only wear school issued tennis uniforms and all athletes participating shall be dressed in the same uniform.  This includes shirts and shorts.  Name brand logos on clothing can be no larger than a business card.  Shirts must be worn at all times. Teams are allowed to wear polo styled shirts (school uniform shirts are acceptable) and shorts, sweat pants, warm-up pants, and tennis skirts are acceptable with tennis shoes. 


All matches will be played at the designated tennis centers at 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated and need to be completed by dusk.  Coaches should call respective tennis centers to schedule practices & games. 

Five singles matches and two doubles match are played to determine the winner of the match.  Singles matches will be played first followed by doubles. Your line up (singles and doubles) MUST have players arranged (seeded) in order of ability. 

The winning team must win 4 out of the 7 matches. Matches will be 8 Game Pro-Sets with no-ad scoring. The minimum number of players on a team is 3. Additional practice matches may be played if both coaches agree and there is adequate time and space available. 

Line-ups must be exchanged between the coaches before each match. After the exchange, no change in the line-ups are permitted except if after the matches are slated to begin, a player fails to appear, due to unforeseen circumstances, or becomes incapacitated, by becoming ill. A coach can insert an alternate name into the same position of the absent/incapacitated player provided that the game is not in progress. Any player substituted for is barred from playing the rest of that match. 

The permanent order of singles players must be established prior to the third regularly scheduled match and submitted to the MSCIAA Tennis Coordinator.  Any changes in the order of your line-up must be resubmitted to the MSCIAA Tennis Coordinator before you play your new line-up in any match. 

All teams must schedule a minimum of 1 match with MSCIAA teams in your classification to complete your league schedule. 

You are only allowed 22 regular season matches. Tournaments count as two matches. 

REMINDER:  Coaches should call Tennis Coordinator to schedule practices & games; coaches must submit scoresheets and enter scores on



Singles and Doubles qualifiers will be seeded based on their MSCIAA record in each league. Championship Rules will apply. 




Class A District 16

Class AA District 16

Crosstown Central
Freedom Prep


Memphis Rise Academy Kingsbury
Middle College Ridgeway

Power Center Academy

Trezevant White Station



  • completed education requirements 

  • all athletes have a completed health requirements on file at the school before they can participate in practice, try-outs, or a compete in a match 

  • copies of athlete's emergency contact information kept at all practices and matches 

  • submit tennis  schedule and student-athlete eligibility  online to the TSSAA by deadline 

  • have a basic first aid kit, injury ice bags, athlete’s health record, and water at each practice and match 

  • current  CPR/First Aid certification with a copy of CPR/First Aid card on file with school A.D. 

  • have a parent meeting at the beginning of the season to go over the schedule, rules, tennis etiquette, transportation issues, concussions, etc. 

  • provide new, unopened tennis balls (tournament quality: Penn, Wilson, Dunlop) for every match 

  • keep score at every match  and submit scores online