2023 High School Volleyball Leagues

*You must play every team in your league to be eligible for MSCIAA Championship*


TSSAA First Practice Date: July 24

Schedules Due: July 1 to assigning agent

TSSAA Eligibility List Due: August 14

First Play Date:  August 14
League Games must be completed: September 25

MSCIAA Championship Meeting: via email correspondence

MSCIAA Championship Game: September 28 @ MSCIAA Gym

TSSAA D1 Girls’ Volleyball Districts must be completed:  October 6

MSCS Fall Break: October 9-13

TSSAA D1 Girls’ Volleyball Regional must be completed:  October 10



Required Documents for Athletic Participation


1. Athlete's Health Record revised 2023

Page 1 - Emergency Contact Information

Page 2 - Informed Consent & Assumption of Risk

Page 3 - COVID-19 Informed Consent & Risk Acknowledgment Statement

2. Physician Signature (providing clearance, may be located on p.1 of the Athlete Health Record) - Physicals must be dated APRIL 15th or later.

3. Signed Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet revised 2023

4. Signed & Initialed Concussion Information Sheet

Need to confirm that you have all the required documents? Use this tracking sheet to check off that each participating athlete has all components of the Athletic Health Record- Athlete Health Record Tracking Sheet


1. Current CPR/First Aid Certification (must be from an in-person, hands-on course). MSCS offers free classes which can be found in the PLZ. Please contact the MSCIAA office for other course instructor recommendations.

2. Course Certificate - NFHS Coaches Training Free Course: Concussions in Sports (done yearly)

3. Course Certificate - NFHS Coaches Training Free Course: Sudden Cardiac Arrest (done yearly)

4. Course Certificate-NFHS Coaches Training Free Course: COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators (done once)

5. MSCS COVID-19 Safe Schools Training: MSCS COVID-19 Training (done once)

6. Signed Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet (for Coaches) (done yearly)

7. Signed Concussion Information & Signature Form (for Coaches) (done yearly)
8. Emergency Action Plan (done yearly)
9. NFHS Coaches Training Free Course Heat Illness Prevention (done yearly)
10. Allergy/Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan Instruction VideoPolicy and ResourcesTraining Video (done yearly as long as you have a student in this category)
11. MSCIAA Required PD course 2023-24 Bullying, Hazing and Inappropriate Behaviors (new course added each year)

Click Here for: Coaches Required Information Sheets #6 and #7


  • All student-athletes must be listed on the TSSAA eligibility form. The last day to submit Eligibility forms is the First TSSAA Official Day of Contest. 
  • All teams must have a basic first aid kit, injury ice & bags, water, and a copy of each student-athlete’s emergency contact info accompany them to all competitions and practices.  All coaches must be CPR & First Aid certified. 
  • Contact the school Athletic Director for secondary insurance information. 

    ALL MATCHES START AT 5:00 PM (unless otherwise stated)

No changes can be made to start times WITHOUT the consent AND agreement of the principals, coaches and Assigning Agent. Failure of the home team to notify all parties can result in a FORFEIT of the game. Fines are also assessed for forfeits with less than 24 hour notification. 


The official will call the host school before noon on the day of the matches and report to the financial secretary their name. If you have not heard from an official by noon, please call the assigning agent. 


Mickey Pitts– pickeymitts58@gmail.com ;

Home: 901.291.8741 Business: 901.537.1406 Fax: 901.682.3809 

Cell: 901.268.4228 

If you have an emergency to occur with your schedule, inform Mickey Pitts and Priscilla Anderson

VB Match Template_ 2023_ Instructions 
2023 Volleyball Match Template
2023 Coaches Letter


FEES: Season Matches Regular season fees are set and regulated by TSSAA and are published on the TSSAA web page. Please make sure the fee schedule is available to the financial secretary or bookkeeper at your school. Remember, ALL Varsity Matches Must Have Two Officials.
Varsity Single Match – two officials – $70.00 each official
J.V. and Freshmen Per Match – one official – $55.00
Middle School Matches (2 out of 3 sets) – one official – $55.00
Invitational Tournaments & Playdays – $55.00 per official per match

Before you call me: 

  1. Check Online- Make sure the games you have on your schedule match what’s on the MSCIAA website (sciaa.org). Check your schedule online regularly in the event of changes.
  2. Confirm Officials- Check Arbiter (if you have access) to ensure there are officials scheduled. The home team should get a call by 12 on the day of the game. If no official has called- contact the assigning agent.
  3. Contact Opponent- Reach out to your opponent a few days before the game and also on game day to confirm. This avoids forfeits, fines, and forgetting.
If after 1, 2, and 3 you still have conflicts, then 
           4. Call the Office- If there are still issues after you’ve done the first three, then contact your sport’s coordinator at the MSCIAA office for assistance. Also, be sure to include MSCIAA on all communication regarding cancellations, reschedules, postponements, or forfeits.


Priscilla Anderson, MSCIAA

Office: 901.416.9944 Fax: 901.416.9949 


You can play a total of 35 matches. 


A maximum of 4 each, each one counts as 3 matches. 


All matches shall be best three out of five games using rally scoring (point scored on each serve). Games 1, 2, 3 and 4 shall be played to 25 points with no cap (meaning a team must score a minimum of 25 points and be ahead by at least two points to win a game). If a match goes to 5 games, the fifth game shall be played to 15 points with no cap. A serve hitting the net and going over is allowed with play continuing so long as the contact is entirely within the net antennas. A team is limited to two matches per day during regular season play. Individual tournaments may be modified to play the best two out of three games using rally scoring to 25 points on games 1 and 2 and to 15 points in the third game with no cap. The net serve shall be used in tournaments. 


It is the responsibility of the home team to provide safe and adequate equipment for the match. If the home school is unable to provide safe equipment, it is their responsibility to secure another site. The school must notify Athletics, Mickey Pitts, and the opponent of the changes within a 24-hour period. 

The home team is also responsible for providing an adult to serve as line judges and score keeper for the game. The home team is in charge of the official book for the game. 



Every team will get a login to enter their scores on sciaa.org. Scores must be reported after every game.